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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions
The present contract is regulated by the provisions stated in the Legislative Decree n. 79 dated May 23, 2011, by the Directive 90/314/EU, by the related international conventions, in particular by the Brussels Convention dated April 23, 1970 made executive by law n. 1084 dated December 27, 1977 and by the related provisions regulated by civil law and by the norms of internal law. The responsibility of Happy Camp Family Holidays, in their capacity as trip organizer, towards their travellers and their personal property is regulated by the laws and international conventions cited above. The responsibility of Happy Camp Family Holidays cannot exceed the limits set by the laws and conventions already mentioned.
Addendum – General conditions of sales contract single tourist services
The contracts by which regarding services of only housing, or transportation or other, cannot be configured as organization of a trip or tourist package, are regulated by the following CCV dispositions art.1, n. 3 and n. 6, art. from 17 to 23, art. from 24 to 31 and is there-fore understood as referring to the corresponding figures regarding sales of the single tourist services.
Contractual Conditions
To those contracts relate the following clauses of the Legislative Decree n. 79 dated May 23, 2011 are applied. Application of said clauses does in no way determine the configuration of the contracts such as tourist packages. The terminology of the cited clauses relative to the tourist package contract (trip organization etc) is therefore understood as referring to the corresponding figures regarding sales of the single tourist services.
Particular needs of the traveller
The traveller shall be held responsible for communicating, in writing, his eventual particular special needs and requests at the time of reservation. Happy Camp Family Holidays reserves the right to accept them, in writing, post reception of the acceptance by the purveyor who will be providing the service. The organizers must provide in writing to the agency, which in time will communicate this to the traveller, the feasibility and eventual added costs that these particular requests will entail.
Obligation of assistance
The organizer is legally bound to lend the necessary assistance to the consumer, assistance imposed by the professional diligence exclusively as it refers to the obligations pertinent to the job description and as stated by the law or the working contract. The organizer is not responsible to the consumer for the non-compliance of obligations held by the individual sellers.
Bookings & regulations
The booking is deemed finalized upon receipt of official written confirmation from Happy Camp Family Holidays. Such confirmation is conditioned by receipt of the inscription fees of no more than 25% of the participation fee, to be paid either at the moment of booking or upon receipt of the booking confirmation. The remainder fees should be received on or before the 45th day prior to departure. Non-compliance with these terms gives Happy Camp Family Holidays the right to consider the traveler as having cancelled the trip.
Cancellation of the trip gives the right to a refund consisting of the amount versed, minus the indicated penalties, for the inscription and the costs of cancellations services I.T. and individual reservations.
Up to 30 days prior to arrival free cancellation;
From 20 to 9 days prior to arrival date 50% of the inscription fee;
From 8 to 4 days prior to arrival date 75% of the inscription fee;
less than 4 days from arrival date no reimbursement is possible, cancellation fee 100%. Any traveler who decides to interrupt a trip, already started, will not be eligible for a refund.
Anyone who makes a reservation before 02/28/2022 for a stay with arrival before 07/31/2022 included, can take out insurance with Ergo Assicurazioni and request a refund of the insurance cost from Happy Camp.
The cost of the insurance will be deducted from the total stay to be paid to Happy Camp at the time of the settlement.
The policy can only be taken out within 48 hours of paying the deposit for the stay. Attention: the policy must be stipulated for the entire amount of the stay and not just for the deposit.
Further information can be found at this link
The consumer, as stated by D.L. 79 dated 23.05.2011, is obliged to formally denounce, in writing and with receipt of postage, any complaints regarding problems with the tourist package to both the organization and to the tourist structure where he or she is lodged within and no longer than 10 working days after departure from the respective holiday destination. Any breach of contract must be contested by the consumer without delay, enabling the organizer or a company representative to remedy the situation in loco.
Reimbursement services
Any request for an eventual reimbursement for non-compliance of service must be communicated to Happy Camp Family Holidays within 10 working days after return from holiday, or the request will be rendered invalid. The legal forum used for each discussion shall be that in which the organizing agency resides.
The responsibility of Happy Camp Family Holidays towards the traveler and their belongings is regulated by the law and international conventions concerning the responsibility of travel organizers and the services of “all inclusive” trip, in effect at the time of occurrence of the facts concerning responsibility (in particular D.L. 79 dated 23.05.2011). The responsibility of Happy Camp Family Holidays can in no way exceed the limits of said law and international conventions.
Trip cancellations and amendments
Happy Camp Family Holidays as stated by the art. 10 of the law 1084 dated 27.12.77 and of the UC directive 90/314 can, without incurring in charges, annul totally or partially the contract, without any obligation other than the restitution of the amounts received. In case of annulment of the contract prior to initiation Happy Camp Family must reimburse fully any payment received from the Traveler. In case of cancellation of a contract Happy Camp Family Holidays must take all the necessary measures in the interest of the traveler; each party is obliged to reimburse one another in an equal manner. The prices can be adjusted at any moment as a consequence of variation of carrier rates and costs of the tourist services. In cases in which the increase exceeds 10% the client has the right to cancel the trip, communicating his decision in writing, within 24 hours of receiving notification of the increase. Happy Camp Family Holidays respond only to that which is expressly indicated in this brochure (any eventual variations to said brochure or “brochure errata” shall be communicated by Happy Camp Family Holidays at the moment of booking).
Happy Camp Family Holidays licence number: 4481/06 dated 11.08.2006
Insurance policy
Happy Camp Family Holidays
HappyCamp S.p.A.
Vittoria Assicurazioni 670/35/905770 – 670/14/905174
Obligatory communication as stated by the art. 17 of the law “6 February 2006 n. 38”: Italian law punishes, with imprisonment, all crimes connected to prostitution and/or child-related pornography, including those offences committed outside its borders.