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Happy Flex

You booked your holiday with Happy Camp and the Covid sanitary emergency does not allow you to travel at the very last second before leaving? No worries! Happy Camp will give you 3 favorable opportunities:
  • You can modify the dates and the destination of your holiday without any extra charge, you will only pay the difference in price of the new booking or get refunded if this one is cheaper than the original offer (bank costs at your own expense). The amendment depends on availability
  • You can get a voucher for the next season 2022: the amount of the voucher will be the same you paid for the holiday you cannot enjoy, so you do not lose any money
  • You can get a full refund of the prepayment made, through bank transfer. Bank costs at your own expense.
All bookings made for season 2021 include this offer automatically and for free!
No matter if you booked already, you still have to or you will do, you don’t need to worry as Happy Camp is with you all the way!
The 3 above mentioned options will be possible only if one of the following forced circumstances occur:
  • The campsite you have booked in has postponed the opening date and it is therefore closed in your supposed holiday period due to local lockdown imposed by the Authorities with the aim of Covid emergency control and prevention;
  • Your region/country has closed its own borders and non-essential travels abroad are banned due to decision made by the Authorities with the aim of Covid emergency control and prevention;
  • Your country borders or the borders of the country where the campsite is located are closed due to travel bans imposed by the Authorities in order to control and prevent the Covid emergency.
Any cancellation due to different reasons from the above mentioned ones (e.g. personal reasons) will not be covered by the offer described. Cancellation fees applicable will be the standard ones you have accepted at the time of booking: Remember you could privately subscribe a travel insurance to protect you for different reasons.


One of my co-travelers, close relatives or myself have tested positive for covid or are in quarantine a few days before the holiday. What can I do?
In this case it is not possible to take advantage of the Happy Flex policy, but you subscribe an insurance policy for your travel that covers Covid desease (at the moment you book). The policy is at your own expenses.
Can I cancel free of charge if I need to do a covid test before arriving to the destination?
No, it is NOT possible to cancel free of charge. Covid test or the vaccine could become necessary to travel abroad in the closest future. So please make sure you have checked all possible information about the restrictions imposed by Authorities for the entrance in a different country. The covid test are at customer expense.
Can I cancel free of charge if I need to observe quarantine when I arrive at destination?
Yes, you can. If Authorities imposed a quarantine for travelers who enter the country, then you can choose to cancel the booking free of charge (or move it forward).
Can I cancel free of charge is I need to observe quarantine once I go back home?
No, you cannot. The quarantine after you enter your home country after your holidays does not give you the opportunity to cancel your booking free of charge.
Are there restrictions on services offered on the campsite? If yes, may I ask for a refund for the not-used services?
Some of the facilities inside the property (such as pool, restaurant, entertainment, beach, etc.) may be limited. For as much up-to-date and correct information as possible, the best solution is to contact the campsite itself before arrival, you find the telephone contact above. Happy Camp disclaims any responsibility for the limited usability of the services listed in the catalogue.

No refund will be accepted for a limited service offer. Be aware that the limitations have the purpose to contain the virus outspread by offering a safe holiday to you and your family.